Monday, February 18, 2008

More Art from 4 Year Old!

My four year old prolific artist son drew the following two pictures for me on Valentine's Day (no prompting, he just occasionally draws birth pictures). The first is just a standard pregnant woman. The second he said was me giving birth to him with "Daddy watching." He couldn't explain what the shape underneath was supposed to be really. I said, "tell me about that part of the drawing" and he was kind of blank acting and then said, "oh, its the moon." I like how in that picture the baby is coming out. I think that is a neat touch. I asked why I had so many eyes and he said the second row is my mouth (teeth maybe?).

Paper Critter

My husband made this for me on New Year's Eve at (my family plays Bunko together as a family on New Year's Eve and we made paper critters for each member of the family as one of the Bunko prizes).

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Birth Art by Four Year Old

A couple of weeks ago, my four year old son surprised me with these two cute drawings! I am intrigued by how the baby and mother match in each case—in the first drawing the mother has colored in eyes and so does her baby and in the other the mother has big white eyes and so does the baby and they’re looking the same direction.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Gaia Statue

I had long admired this gorgeous statue, but felt like it was too expensive and so never expected to actually have one. My lovely husband totally surprised me on Mother's Day 2007 by getting her for me. I am rarely totally surprised by a gift and this was such an unexpected one. I LOVE this sculpture. She has incredible detail.